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With us you can rest assured that we are there for you.

It’s the service that makes the difference! we have this difference.

Good service is like a jigsaw puzzle. If all of the parts systematically dovetail, smooth workflows are guaranteed. Our first piece of the puzzle is the advice we provide – the corner piece. Once this is in place, all of the remaining process steps can be set one at a time. The art is not just simply to select one of the products from our wide-ranging portfolio. We work with our customers to carefully clarify the situation. We check processes and budget frameworks and weigh all of the benefits and drawbacks involved.

The puzzle is completed through support, maintenance and spare-parts support, customer service, repairs – and, of course, drilling services. And once a successfully completed project is in place as a complete jigsaw puzzle, you can continue to trust in our support.

With new ideas to new market successes

Consulting and Support

The knowledgeable consulting we provide extends far beyond the field of mechanical engineering and drilling technology. Only a consideration of all of the details can lead to a customised, economical solution. Only people skilled at detailed planning have a chance at overall success. More and more customers are turning to our technical expertise in studies of installation space, access and reachability. Use our animated images to underscore your bid in an appealing and representative way.

Our competent support is the extended arm of the mechanic or user on location. This is how nearly 90 % of all problems are easily cleared remotely. This saves time and cost while improving productivity.

Where special, project-based requirements are involved, our modular system permits the addition of a single component. Our rental fleet has the equipment modifications you need.

This saves you the need to invest in a complete piece of equipment without foregoing the ideal technology and procedures for the realisation of your project. Take advantage of our versatility. The possibilities will surprise you.

Instruction, training and seminar by Morath GmbH

Instruction, Training, Seminar

Ask about our instruction offerings. We keep your employees up to date. Experienced machine technicians or masters are available as instructors. At your option, the seminars are held at our premises or on-site at yours. We provide you with up-to-the-minute information on state-of-the-art technology. These courses impart theoretical and practical knowledge. We target specific requirements from your field of activity.

We will soon launch the Morath Training Academy, with a strong range of training courses and workshops. You will be informed about the programme in good time. With our training, you are investing in human resources, profitability and efficiency.

Customer service and maintenance

To us, customer service is not a marketing tool for the sale of new products. Our items are sustainably and durably designed. That’s why we provide you with support assistance throughout the product lifecycle.

When it comes to the servicing and maintenance of state-of- the-art drilling equipment, you should not compromise. Rely directly on our experienced specialists. Unnecessarily long interruptions of operations also lead to significant degradation of success that can jeopardise your project.

Our recommendation: combine maintenance work with an expert inspection in accordance with the Industrial Safety Ordinance (formerly Accident Prevention Rules [UVV]). This provides maximum safety for users and minimises the liability risk to the people in charge of the equipment.

Professional maintenance will increase the service life of your machinery. If you cannot visit us, our field staff will carry out the work at your operation on-site.

Spare parts from Morath

First-class supply of spare parts

Our stock comprises around 15,000 spare parts. Thanks to smart product management and consistent implementation of our own standards, we use many of our key components in several products.

The high level of vertical integration guarantees maximum availability of spare parts. In this, we are setting standards in the market. You benefit from the synergy of the combined warehouse, serving both our production and your needs. The spare parts and production warehouse is dependably and automatically managed by an ERP system. This and our large production batches ensure that a minimum level of stock on hand at all times.

In the event of an unforeseen incident, you can count on an alternative from our rental fleet. Thanks to our flexible in-house production, we can also produce a spare part at short notice.

We’ll also gladly take care of shipping, express deliveries and customs clearance for you.

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