BT-AKU-A45 drilling rig

Development and construction of a drilling rig for a telescopic crane equipped with a track trolley

For our customer Feldhaus, a telescopic crane was equipped with a drilling rig. Especially for slope stabilization work on railroad tracks, a drilling rig was developed for a telescopic crane equipped with a track trolley. It can demonstrate its performance within the main applications in this area which include down-the-hole-hammer drilling for anchors and rock bolts with borehole diameters up to 100 mm and the insertion of Ischebeck anchors. Here our drilling rig could demonstrate its outstanding performance.

For fast and safe work operations, an integrated rod manipulator is used to insert a second drill rod of up to 4 m length. This avoids, for example, the need for a second crane, which normally would have been required to insert the second drill rod.  All functions of the drilling rig can be operated from a safe distance using the radio remote control. For a better view of the drilling site at a height of up to 30 m, the rig has been equipped with additional cameras and brightly illuminated work lights. With the support of tilt sensors, the boreholes can be aligned and drilled exactly as specified by showing the tilt angle on the display of the remote control. Dust emissions are prevented by the use of the dust collection system attached to the rig.