Discover the teleDRILL drilling unit


For drilling applications with increased reach requirements, the teleDRILL drilling unit  is the tool of choice. The combination of the proven, lightweight BT235 drilling unit and a two-stage telescopic boom allows the reach to be increased by up to 6,700 mm. This makes it possible, for example, to reach the more distant drilling holes during slope stabilization work on railroad tracks using a two-way excavator. Thanks to the 360° slew drive and the tilt cylinder, almost any desired drilling position can be reached.

The teleDRILL add-on drilling unit is controlled via a radio remote control unit specially developed for drilling rigs. This allows the operator to freely choose his location and thus guarantees maximum safety. The telescopic boom is specially adapted to the drilling conditions. The torsionally rigid design allows drilling in any accessible position in all directions without weakening the structure of the telescopic boom. The internal cylinder and internal hydraulic hoses ensure trouble-free and reliable  operation.

With a feed and retraction force of 15,000 N and a wide range of drill drives, the BT235 drilling unit is ideal for injection drilling, anchor drilling, rock nailing and blasthole drilling. Thanks to the feed length of 3,500 mm, the use of drill rods of up to 3 m in length is possible without any problems. The high reach of the teleDRILL drilling unit requires a carrier unit with sufficient stability. A weight class of 25 - 30 t is recommended here. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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