Right in time for the Bauma 2022 in Munich, we are presenting our new BB9000 drilling excavator. It is the new flagship of the successful Morath drill excavator series. The BB9000 joins the smaller drilling excavators BB5010, BB6000, BB7000 and BB8000 in a larger weight class.

With its operating weight of 24 t, the short tail excavator is universally usable for earthmoving and lifting work and, of course, as a drilling rig. The quick-change device and the modular construction system allow a fast changeover from different drilling methods such as rotary percussive drilling with external and down-the-hole hammer, rotary drilling with or without flushing fluid and overburden drilling. This enables, for example, universal use in the areas of bench shoring, excavation support, foundation and post-foundation work, rehabilitation and tunnel construction.

The drilling excavator can be used without an additional power supply and is equipped with a fixed additional oil cooler, which enables continuous operation during drilling operations. By using the Morath FFS600 FP radio remote control, the complete drilling excavator can be controlled from outside the cabin. This allows control of the excavator as well as the attachment with just one remote connection.



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