The drilling rig trio: crane, excavator, crawler

Higher, more flexible, more powerful drilling rigs for construction

Our development team is working diligently to expand the product range of our self-propelled drilling rigs. We are proud of our new technical achievements: The powerful BB9000 drill excavator, the flexible BR8010 drilling crawler and the BK726 high drill crane. All three can be fully remote-controlled. Depending on the application, various add-on drilling units or precisely fitting drilling systems are available for drilling applications.

Drilling rig 1: The BR8010 drilling crawler

The drilling crawler BR8000, available since 2007, has been technically revised and we proudly present the new generation: BR8010. A variety of features allows easier, safer and more economical work with the drill bit. We highlight key strengths of the drill bit:

  • The specially developed kinematics of the boom allows to operate the drill bit at a long range with compact equipment dimensions. The optimal coordination of boom and drill rig enables the operator to drill holes even in very narrow and winding situations.
  • The standard telescopic undercarriage guarantees optimum stability, even when working sideways to the undercarriage with large outreach and drilling drives.
  • The largest Morath drilling crawler is powered by a powerful 115 kW diesel drive with three hydraulic pumps.

Drilling rig 2: The BB9000 drill excavator

  • The BB9000 joins the smaller BB5010, BB6000, BB7000 and BB8000 drill excavators in a larger weight class. Three strengths of the drilling excavator.
    With its operating weight of 24 t, the short tail excavator can be used universally for earthmoving and lifting work and, of course, as a drilling rig.
  • The enormous reach of the BB9000 enables universal use in the fields of: Rock support, bench shoring, excavation support, foundation work, rehabilitation as well as tunnel construction.
  • The new radio remote control FFS610 Professional, allows the operator to work safely and efficiently from outside the operator's cab.

Drill rig 3: The BK726 drill crane

The BK726 is the first Morath drill crane especially developed and designed for drilling applications. Three technical strengths of the drill crane to highlight:

  • By combining the Roto telescopic loader and add-on drilling unit, slope construction sites with great heights can be managed by just one piece of equipment. It offers various applications for crane, drilling and shotcrete work.
  • The optimized "High Flow" hydraulic system with additional oil cooling allows the use of power-intensive accessory equipment such as a hammer drill.
  • The available dust extraction system on the crane ensures dust-reduced working with the specially developed extraction tube on the boom.


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