Summer party 2022

At our today's summer party we say goodbye to this summer with a get-together. With their exams successfully passed, it is now a new exciting time to begin for our 2021/2022 apprentices.

Lorena Oppitz and Lena Berger are freshly qualified industrial clerks.
Jonas Auer, Samuel Eckert, Dominik Schwerdtner and Lukas Kollnberger can now officially call themselves industrial mechanics.

And we are delighted to have an outstanding trainee this year: Lukas passed his exam with distinction. But we are just as proud of the performance of everyone else because they all performed very well and, above all, enriched our company with their great commitment. "In the 3 years of training, I was able to accompany and witness the development of each individual. I am pleased that everyone passed with flying colors." Training Manager Thomas Amann


Samuel Eckert, Lorena Oppitz, Jonas Auer, Ausbildungsleiter Thomas Amann, Dominik Schwerdtner, Lukas Kollnberger

We are also saying goodbye to Klaus Leber today. After more than 40 years of dedicated work we are grateful for every day that Klaus has contributed to our company's success. With his drive and human manner he has helped shape Morath GmbH and made it the successful company it is today. Therefore we congratulate you on your well-deserved retirement and we are glad that you will continue to support us in the future - despite your new stage of life!


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