In the course of the summer party on 30.07.2021 we had the pleasure to congratulate 16 of our loyal employees on their anniversary. For many years, each of you has been an important part of our company. If we add up the loyal years of your cooperation, we thank you in total for 320 years of dedication, enthusiasm, passion and friendship. We look forward to the coming years together and hope that we will bring many more joint projects to a successful conclusion.

Thank you very much!


Hüseyin Bakir, Uwe Maier, Francesco Gigliotti, Christoph Behringer, Daniel Eckert, Michael Eckert, Michael Leber, 
Wolfgang, Waltraud und Franz Morath, Martina Rueß, Andreas Jäger, Monika Voller, Daniel Strittmatter, Claus Schäfer, Helen Böhler, Klaus Leber, Georg und Daniel Morath, Brigitte Binkert

It was a very nice summer party. The speech of Albbruck's mayor Stefan Kaiser, delicious burgers from the Mampfwalze and good music rounded off the evening. Of course, the traditional ritual of welcoming new employees was not to be missed - this year we enjoyed the sweet sound of the well-known "Badnerlied".

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