Solid base for innovation at the Innovaare Park

Executing contractor: 
Construction project:  
Park Innovaare

Construction project:
Excavation support with injection drill anchors R32 with a respective length of up to 24 m.

Morath equipment technology in use: 

  • Drill excavator BB7000,
  • with add-on drilling unit BA2500.

In the future, the Innovaare Park will provide space to technology-oriented companies in research and development to drive their innovations forward. And Morath also contributed to this project with one of the innovations used for the excavation support: The Morath BB7000 drilling excavator with the BA2500 add-on drilling unit. To secure the excavation pit, injection drill anchors R32 up to 24 m long were used and shotcrete was applied. The structural and civil engineering work was completed by the construction company ERNE AG in the course of the shell completion after almost 2 years in November 2021. The Innovaare Park is located directly next to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villigen, Switzerland. Thus, the construction site is right on our doorstep, just on the other side of the Rhine River in Switzerland.

Among other things, the BB7000 is equipped with the FFS Professional remote control system. The remote control allows moving the excavator, setting up the drilling site and drilling the injection well from a safe distance. In addition, the drilling excavator is also suitable as a carrier for the shotcrete manipulator, with which shotcrete can be applied. Of course, the drilling excavator can also be used for standard dredging operations such as excavation work. Due to this flexibility, the drilling excavator achieves a very high level of utilization.

BB7000 + BA2500

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