Mission accomplished!

Following the starting signal for the large new construction project in October 2014, over a period of almost two years, the new company building was erected on a site spanning 11,500 m2.

Our new building – a building block for the future!

The production facilities completed in August 2016 – comprising an assembly hall, a wash facility and a 2-storey office building – were the largest building project in our 50-year company history.

This construction project improves our internal structures, optimises work processes and places us closer to the customer. The new building is also the result of the very good and healthy development of our family-run company.

At the same time, we are positioning ourselves as an attractive employer in the region. We offer secure and future-orientated jobs for our workforce. Today, what began in a garage 50 years ago has made us a worldwide leader for the hard-to-reach areas of drilling and anchor technology.

The modern office building provides space for the design, sales, marketing and accounting departments. The state-of-the-art assembly hall houses our purchasing, manufacturing, service, spare parts and production warehouse, production planning and shipping operations. The hall is fitted with up-to-date mobile racks. The workstations are highly flexible. The entire hall can be reached using the modern multi-storey crane system. The equipment also includes a central oil supply, as well as a trial room with lifting ramp and exhaust-extraction technology. The entire new facility is heated with an underfloor heating system that uses geothermal energy. The buildings are also fitted with modern solar-energy systems and an environmentally friendly and sustainable green roofs. 

In September, we were already able to deliver the first machinery from the new plant: two BB7000-type drilling excavators.

Save the date

Plan now to set aside the weekend of 19-21 May 2017, when we invite you to join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary as well as the official dedication of the new buildings!

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