News on the Morath drill excavator

Our proven drilling excavator BB8000 received an update. Among other things, the drill excavator is now equipped with the brand-new radio remote control "FFS 610 Professional" and is equipped with an adjustable boom.

With an operating weight of 17 t and an engine power of 85 kW, the BB8000 is the smaller brother of the recently introduced BB9000 in our drill excavator line. The adjustable boom now makes it to be even more maneuverable and allows it to reach the most remote drilling positions. The drill excavator can be controlled not only from the cab but of course also with the Morath radio remote control. This is the field for the new "FFS 610 Professional" which replaces the previous "FFS 600 Professional" and, in addition to the BB8000, will also become standard on future Morath machines. The larger display provides better readability, and additional toggle switches, buttons and rotary knobs add to the range of functions of the radio remote control. This makes operation safer and more convenient. In addition, the FFS610 allows the operator, among other things, to control the Morath AIS500 injection station while working with the excavator. This increases user-friendliness which means, for example that just one radio remote control is needed to produce injection anchors.

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