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In September, 2010 the first of a series of severe earthquakes struck Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand. The city of Christchurch was significantly affected with liquefaction and structural damage widespread throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

Through existing connections in the area, Morath GmbH brought equipment, staff, and specialist know-how to New Zealand with an aim to assist in the rebuild of the city.

In the years to date Morath has gained a strong understanding of seismic foundation and structural technology. Morath NZ Ltd has been established in Wellington, NZ as a Research & Development base for seismic solutions and high-energy drilling.

From this, Morath has developed a number of unique specialist technologies that solve many of the issues faced by cities in seismic areas. These technologies include JETPILE, Re-levelling, and King Post solutions.

JETPILE is a high-energy self-drilling system that creates high-friction, grout injected piles through all ground conditions. The system has been developed, tested, and implemented successfully throughout New Zealand with particular effectiveness in complicated ground conditions. JETPILE allows high-capacity piles to be rapidly installed in restricted access conditions using specialized Morath equipment. Additionally, shorter pile depths can be specified due the high skin-friction and ground improvement characteristics.

Widespread liquefaction throughout Christchurch has resulted in very-high demand for safe, and resilient re-levelling technology for residential and commercial properties. To address this, Morath developed systems integrating large diameter grout columns, hydraulic lifting, and void filling that reliably return structures to original levels. Unlike other relevel systems, Morath leaves the structure supported vertically to prevent further subsidence, without subjecting it to additional lateral loading.

Retaining walls and strengthening of structures continue to be significant issues throughout the world. Morath’s King Post system brings a number of advantages over traditional systems to this area. By making use of strong steel fabrications linked to vertical JETPILEs and standard anchors, the King Post system allows support of retaining walls and structures without the need for horizontal anchors – eliminating easement and access restriction issues.

Morath NZ Ltd continues to work on the development of these systems and others in order to not only make a more resilient New Zealand, but bring effective seismic solutions to the world.

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