Commitment to civil protection

Morath GmbH was honored as a volunteer-friendly employer in civil protection by the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the state of Baden-Württemberg on October 26, 2023. This recognition was part of the annual awards presented to a total of 30 companies in Baden-Württemberg, distinguished for their longstanding support of volunteer activities in civil protection.

The award, "Volunteer-Friendly Employer in Civil Protection," is granted to companies actively supporting their employees' engagement in volunteer work. Baden-Württemberg not only emphasizes its scenic beauty, economic strength, and innovation but also the exceptional willingness of its citizens to engage in volunteerism.

Morath GmbH was nominated by the Albbruck Fire Department, highlighting the crucial role employers play in supporting volunteers in civil protection, enabling them to respond reliably to emergencies.

Morath extends gratitude to all employees engaged in volunteer work. This award is not just a recognition but also an incentive to continue taking responsibility in civil protection.

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