Christmas party 2023 at the historic "Landgasthof Rössle"

The festively adorned walls of the historic Landgasthof Rössle in Tiefenhäusern hosted the Morath Christmas Party 2023. The festive evening commenced with a delectable meal, setting the perfect tone for the celebratory atmosphere.

The tributes to our long-time companions were particularly moving. With radiant smiles, Michael Leber received his well-deserved awards for an impressive 20 years, and Michael Eckert for a proud 25 years with the company. Even those who couldn't attend in person, such as Hüseyin Bakir (20 years) and Christoph Behringer (15 years), were duly honored.

Quizzes featuring tricky, almost unsolvable questions added an element of fun and excitement. Special mention should be given to the lively serenade performed with musical talent and enthusiasm by our new employees. The festive spirit lingered until midnight when we celebrated Lukas Mutter's birthday and the 2nd Advent together.

Our thanks extend to all our staff for their daily commitment and unwavering dedication. Together, we form a formidable team! We eagerly anticipate collaborating with each one of you again in the New Year.

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