Better safe than sorry!

In line with this saying, MORATH is very pleased, that the newly founded company  “Mayer & Gelloz Spezialtiefbau GmbH“, does not take any risks and relies on our drilling equipment technology from day one.

The newly delivered drilling excavator BB7000-5FP was allowed to prove itself at the first large construction project "Green Rock, in Traunstein", whereof you will learn more in the following. 


In order to set up the basement of the planned residential and commercial building, a construction pit of up to 8.50m was required along the surrounding buildings. This was carried out with a 10:1 inclined, reinforced shotcrete wall and non-tensioned anchors (nail wall).

Scope of work; M&G-Spezialtiefbau:

  • Construction of a „finished“ excavation including execution planning, earthworks and shoring
  • ca. 600 Injection anchors
  • ca. 550t Shotcrete

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