More than 20 units of the BB7000 drilling excavator are in use in various configurations throughout Europe. The first delivery of the BB7000 was made for the renovation of a road tunnel. Particularly where spaces are confined, the compact design of the BB7000 (zero tail swing excavator) has proven effective. When executing road works with the BB7000, one lane remains open to traffic at all times. This is another excellent feature of this drilling excavator.

In addition to its use as a drill, the BB7000 can also be used as a carrier for the SM635H injection manipulator. This permits application of the machine in the wet-mix shotcrete process. As in drilling, the machine is controlled entirely with the aid of the FFS600 radio remote control unit.

Particularly in multiple-shift operations, frequent employee turnover poses a constant challenge to the profitability and quality of the work performed. Against this backdrop, the operating concept of the BB7000, and the automatic drilling it provides, achieve a significant reduction in staff orientation time.

The latest delivery was made to a customer in Norway. The BB7000 was specially fitted to the requirements of the local geology there. The standard equipment of the drilling excavator has been extended with a HF57 rock hammer drill, an EA300H dust exhaust and a compressor, among other things. This makes the BB7000 suited to the requirements specifically involved when drilling in tunnels and hard rock.

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