Our family business has been active for over 50 years now and has become a global technology leader in the sector of specialist drilling equipment.

Drilling technology from a single source

This means: we start from a project analysis or idea and then implement the entire project from start to finish. Here we combine all of the departments under one roof, from process engineering and design to purchasing, production planning and metal processing, and through to assembly and service. Because our company even performs turning, milling, welding and painting, we are independent of suppliers for these services. We can quickly communicate and respond as a result. As a customer, you benefit from a quick and smooth workflow.

We work with you to develop unparalleled drilling solutions. You have highly skilled and motivated employees at your disposal, from the initial consultation through to implementation on site. Take advantage of our drilling technology of the future!

Morath drilling solutions

Our mainspring is our curiosity. The challenge of making something even better. To achieve this, we rely on our long experience and the know-how that comes from ongoing testing and hands-on involvement. We view drilling technology as a holistic and multi-layered network of machinery, functional units and operators.

These prerequisites have made us the ideal partner for drilling and the provider of choice for extraordinary special projects.

Together, we will find your drilling solution

Take a glance at our broad field of activities. We have the right solution for the job.

Process engineering

Process engineering requirements are as varied and changeable as geology in nature. It is important here not to select a new and special process for every measure. Profitability can only be achieved through re-usable systems. Special features and regulations must also be taken into account. Our product range is modular to enable versatile application options. It can therefore be modified and retooled as necessary for a wide variety of applications and process engineering technologies.

We have the right method and the most suitable drives for you, irrespective of which geology you will be drilling in.


We offer you everything from a single source. That is why our range is supplemented with select commercial products made by other manufacturers. From carriers and compressed-air tools to geotechnical systems and consumables. Here, too, we ensure the outstanding service our customers have come to expect. en Service.

Used equipment

Used equipment with top-class maintenance is often a quick and inexpensive alternative. Help yourself! You’ll be sure to find the right gear in our wide range of used equipment and accessories.